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A soil conditioner that accumulates water and nutrients.

Instructions for use

It is used for the care of graves, trees, shrubs, conservatories, greenhouses, gardens, lawns and potted plants.

WATER ENERGY crystals:

when mixed with water, turns into a gel that stores water and nutrients.
plant roots grow through the gel particles, easily picking up moisture and minerals.
have an elastic memory - from the gel, they return to the crystal form, so you will use them for 4-5 years.
10 g of crystals in the soil will accumulate up to 1.5 liters of water!


suitable for all plants, prevents overwatering;
long-term effects;
reduces the frequency of watering and fertilizing, saves up to 50% of water for irrigation;
extremely quickly moistens the soil, after complete drying - gives 95% of the absorbed water;
improves seed germination;
strengthens the growth, development, establishment of roots and roots;
promotes more abundant flowering and higher yield;
reduces the loss of water and nutrients due to ground and surface runoff and evaporation;
ensures oxygen content in the soil, soil porosity;
neutral pH, therefore does not change soil acidity;
safe and compatible with other products;
decomposes naturally into ammonia, carbon dioxide, and water after expiration and is therefore not toxic to plants, birds, fish, animals, or various soil microorganisms.
WATER ENERGY crystals are mixed with earth and plants are planted.

Rate: 10 g of crystals/10 L of soil.

Mix evenly in the soil layer:

for seedlings up to 10 cm deep - 50 g/m²,
for roses 15 cm - 100 g/m²,
for garden plants 20 cm - 200 g/m².
For planting and transplanting trees and shrubs - 20 g/10 L of soil around the roots.

To transport plants, so that the roots do not dry out, plant the plant directly in the crystals - 10 g/1 L of water.

Always read the label and product information before use.