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Parthenocissus amazonica
Parthenocissus amazonica
Parthenocissus amazonica

Parthenocissus amazonica

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Parthenocissus Amazonica Jungle creeper in a 15cm diameter hanging pot

A real exotic, rare plant. Naturally climbing trees, when grown without supports it grows a graceful swaying creeper. The rich gray-green leaves are covered with silver threads.

The small white dots found on the inside of the leaves can often be mistaken for pests, but they are just substances naturally released by the plant. Don't make the mistake of Gypsy who launched one shipment off the cliff from that big streak. And only after that did he get interested, because the breeder is really reliable and the thought that it was not pests still did not give him peace. Those "discharges" are cleverly called cystoliths. Completely harmless, natural products, which are more or less depending on the growing conditions.

  • Place: bright place without direct sun, relevant in summer
  • Substrate: For indoor plants
  • Growth: average, cashews grow up to 1.4m
  • Temperature: room temperature, not lower than 15 degrees
  • Size at the moment: about 25-40cm from the bottom of the pot
  • Watering: keep lightly moist, likes to be sprayed